Devon Rex Kittens (devon rex for sale)

Looking for an outgoing and friendly cat who is guaranteed to make you laugh? I’m the breed for you! We Devon Rex are born entertainers because we’re so playful and inquisitive. I’m a great playmate for the whole family, kids and cat-friendly pets included. I do best in a home with lots of people and other animals because I hate to be alone. I just want to play and give my humans love all day long, and my naturally mischievous nature can come out in destructive ways if I’m bored or lonely.devon rex kittens for sale

I’m super easy to groom and my short coat doesn’t shed a lot so I’m prrrfect for humans with allergies. Because I don’t have a lot of fur, it’s best that my humans keep me indoors (I sunburn easily). I also tend to look for the warmest spot in the house, which is often on top of my human! When I’m not snuggling with you, I’ll be following you around and watching your every move. Between my loving nature and my funny, fun-loving personality, it’s no wonder I’m one of the CFA’s most popular cat breeds!

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kittens for sale devon

devon rex cat for sale

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